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Lifting Life – Getting Started

Hello ladies, and welcome.

So – I’m just going to give a quick intro into the fitness side of the site. Basically I’ll be putting up workouts I do and giving advice and how you should go about the #liftinglife

It’s pretty simple but starting off can be so, so scary. The first time I went to a proper weight lifting gym I took one look in the door and saw these huge muscle men grunting inside the door – and left. Gone. Couldn’t face walking in the door and not having a clue what to do. I hadn’t a notion!

Source: Twitter user- @chloeandhalle
Source: Twitter user- @chloeandhalle

Now, with the help of a certain personal trainer I walk in there with confidence. I know what workout I’ll do for what days; aka leg day, chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulders, etc. Everyone is a bit different but most people have a routine they like to stick to.

And a bonus for you ladies, weight-lifting burns all the calories. So many calories! It is an easier way to tone up than jogging (in my opinion, although I do like a jog every now and again.) There’s one thing that I absolutely must clarify, you will not, I repeat will not get bulky from lifting weights. It’s a common misconception that stops a lot of women lifting weights. Your genetic makeup actually makes it very difficult to gain mass. So if you’re worried that if you squat 50kg you’ll going to turn bulky, rest assured you won’t. Even if you wanted to, it would be very difficult! Lifting weights does not equate huge muscles. It burns calories and tones you up so you can look shit hot.

I will admit it can be intimidating walking into a gym and lifting weights as a women because women don’t tend to lift, but that’s why we need to change that! There’s a whole women’s weight-lifting industry out there, with some pretty inspiring ladies.

My two favourites at the moment are:

They’re great for inspiration if you’re having a lazy day and also it’s good to study the form of other lifters when you’re starting out.

As The Simpsons would say, “To be continued…”


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