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Do You Even Leg Day? No!

Hey gals,

This blog is hopefully going to be a place you can go as a point of reference on how to start up weight lifting.

My typical leg day starts like this…

  • I walk into the gym and plonk myself in front of the nearest squat rack before someone else steals it.
  • Before you start adjust the bar and safety sides to your suitable height.
  • You want the bar to be just under your shoulder height so you can get under it and put power in your legs to lift it up.
  • Do a body weight squat in the rack – note where your shoulders are when you squat down – bring the safety bars up to just below that. It’s just for safety for yourself in case you miss a rep.


2 sets of body weight squats for 15 reps – this warms up your leg muscles to prevent injury.

SQUATS – target muscle groups – quads, glutes and hamstring (A.K.A – Bum and legs)

If it is your first time squatting with the bar ask someone to spot you (stand behind you and help you if you struggle) before you start.

You want to position your shoulder under the bar with your feet planted close together. As you step back with the bar widen your stance slightly. Take a deep breath through your nose and tense your stomach (this supports your back) Don’t forget to breath on the way up!

Keep your knees out as much as you can.

For your first time squatting, I personally would recommend just squatting with the bar your first time (it’s 20KG)

Try do 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Take breaks between to get your breath back.

LEG EXTENSION: target muscle group – Quads (aka muscle at the front of your leg)

Credit: pinterest

Again this needs to be adjusted to your height. There’s usually stickers on the machines to show how this is done. If unsure, ask one of the gym instructor!

Set the weight to what you feel comfortable with. No need to kill yourself the first time!

This movement is a controlled steady one. Don’t rush it!

Keep an even speed on the way down and try not to let the plates bang on the way down.

I usually do 4 sets of this when I’m starting back doing legs. Keep the weight low enough you can lift it but not so light that it doesn’t challenge you.

LEG CURL: target muscle group – hamstring (aka muscle at the back of your legs near your bum)


Love this one! Some gyms have lying down leg curls. They are the better ones. But a lot of places do seated curls they’re OK too!

Adjust the seat and weight until you feel comfortable.

Move the leg piece toward your bum and release slowly (this brings extra burn and extra gains)

Do 4 – 5 sets of this for 12-15 reps.

And congratulations! You have completed your first leg day! Finish off with a bit of cardio if you can. You go girl!

Here’s my first leg day back at squats – I’m broke up from it but if you don’t hurt you’re not making progress! Stay tuned for more lifting tips and other general chat!


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