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Do you love dogs?

Hey gals,

So if you answered yes to the above question maybe you should think about volunteering! Not as much of a pain as it sounds, I promise!

Sera Husky and Animal Rescue is an unreal not for profit charity located in Lisselton, Co. Kerry.

Just look at those little faces!Sera Husky and animal rescue

The great thing about the rescue is you don’t have to commit to going twice a week every week. You can pop in when you have a spare day here and there. Just give them a message on Facebook to let them know you’re coming out. I started volunteering there over the summer and it was definitely one of my better decisions.

I don’t get to go as often as I would like, but when I do…



I come home kicking myself for not going more often! You can walk the dogs, play with them, cuddle them and love them. Hello? Why are you not there yet!?

Why should I volunteer?

There is literally no better feeling than knowing you made a rescue dogs day a little better. Huskies are pack animals so they love company. They hate being alone. How cute is that!

Be the reason a dog wags his/her tail.

Sera Husky and animal rescue house a lot of huskies, but they also take other breeds of dogs to save them from being put down.

They also have cats, rabbits, goats, ponies, a snake and a pig – and a few others I think!

Credit: Facebook/Sera Husky

How do I hug these huskies!?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

You can get involved at the rescue in Lisselton, just click here to be directed to their Facebook page.

Drop them a message the day before and let them know you’re coming!

The guilt trip!

This rescue is a not for profit charity and every volunteer is really appreciated. During the colder months people tend to stop going out. But this is when the dogs need you the most.

It is impossible for all the dogs to get walked every day if people aren’t going out there and volunteering! Grab your friends, family, anyone you can convince and head over. Give up 3 hours and walk some pretty dogs.

It’s exercise for you and a break from college/school/work/stress/life. Plus its a chance for the dogs to stretch their paws!

They’re an energetic bunch so bring walking shoes. Serious…

P.S: Give Abbey – (the malamute in the pictures above with me) a big hug and get Paddy (pictured below) to give you the paw.

Credit: Facebook/Sera Husky
Credit: Facebook/Sera Husky



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