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You’re A Vegetarian? Why Though? *Trigger Alert


Hey gals,

Welcome to my first installment of Veggie life. I’m going to tell you why I became a vegetarian. It’s a question I get asked a lot!

Why did you decide to become a vegetarian?

It all started a few years ago… I heard these horror stories about meat factories and the little animals being butchered inhumanly. I informed my mother I was officially a vegetarian and there was no changing my mind. I lasted a week. She refused to cook quorn for me as she was already cooking a dinner for the rest of the family. I was around eleven and I couldn’t boil an egg. My vegetarian dreams died there, as did many other animals that I ate between then and now.

Credit: Buzzfeed.com
Credit: Buzzfeed.com

I didn’t have the information I have now. Or any idea how to cook. Or cash to buy my own food. Actually, I don’t have much information, cooking skills or money – but I have enough to manage now!

Let’s fast forward ten years. I’m twenty-one and I’ve been a vegetarian for nearly seven months. I know it’s not a huge amount of time, but my mother bet me fifty euro I wouldn’t last three (she still hasn’t coughed up.)

I went through it completely this time thanks to PETA. I came across them by accident on Facebook and I started watching the videos about slaughter houses. I made myself watch them – they were gruesome.

But I thought to myself: If you can’t stomach how your food is produced you shouldn’t be eating it!

I actually find it quite ironic how people give out about the graphic content of some of the videos – if you can’t handle the butchery, don’t eat animals. Simple.

The more information I found about the meat industry the more repulsed I was at the thought of eating meat.

Fun Fact

Did you know, the animals you’re eating are being pumped full of antibiotics to keep them alive in absolute squalor. This is why people are developing antibiotic resistance, which in turn has a really serious impact on the human body. If you become sick and are prescribed antibiotics it will be much harder to kill the bacteria in your body because they have already been exposed to antibiotics – the bacteria become stronger than the antibiotics. In the long term this is so serious and scary. You can read more about antibiotic resistance here.

You, Pig!

I have a lot I want to say about these four legged animals.

  1. There is no such thing as a “micro-pig” that is a piglet that will grow to be a big pig!
  2. That “micro-pig” you’re calling cute, you’re eating him. Maybe not right now. Maybe not at this very moment but you are. Think of your rashers, bacon, ham, sausages. That little pig – you’re eating him.

Pig. Piglet. Cute. Animal

And another thing about pigs – now this has always freaked me out, even when I did eat meat – the genetic similarities. Their DNA is very similar to our own. Pause on that.

Tattoo artists practice their skill on pig skin before they move on to human skin – because their skin is so similar to our own!

Whenever I smell bacon, pork, sausage, or any pig meat I think to myself: I bet humans would smell like that if we were cooked. This freaks me out so much. We eat animals that are so similar to ourselves. I don’t know, I just think it’s crazy.

Dog VS. Cow

I came across a post by PETA a few weeks ago – a ‘dog’ was put on a spit in London and people were offered some. View here.

People were horrified. How could anyone eat a dog!? But why is it OK to eat a pig or a cow, or a chicken, duck or fish? Animals feel pain. They feel love – they nurture their offspring. They feel fear. Can you image their terror when they’re shoved into boxes or crates and packed off to the slaughter house with hundreds or thousands of other animals. They’re more like us than you want to admit, because if you admit how like us they are it makes every single bite of meat that bit harder to swallow.

Credit: Peta.org
Credit: Peta.org

But I wouldn’t have anything to eat if I were vegetarian!

Contrary to what people think being a vegetarian isn’t hard. For pretty much every meat product on the market there’s the cruelty free quorn equivalent. And quorn is actually really tasty. No, really. I was a self-obsessed chicken fillet roll fanatic. I had definitely three a week. Now I eat the quorn version of breaded chicken. It is way nicer! There’s so much flavor and deliciousness!


The only issue I’ve had since I became a vegetarian was that I found myself pretty tired in the evenings – lack of iron. I don’t like spinach or any of that stuff so I went down to Holland and Barrett and got some iron supplements. Sorted! You can get iron supplements in pretty much any health store and probably in some supermarkets too.

Iron supplements

Still not convinced?

OK, so you’re still not convinced – watch some of PETA’s slaughter house videos. If you can stomach them then… I can do no more!

Cruelty free is the way to be people!



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