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From The Sticks To The Shmoke

Hey gals,

So, this is my fourth week in Dublin. Now, if like me you are used to country living a move like this is a shock. Literally from bog land to here. It’s been crazy.

From this…


To this…


Everywhere you go, no matter the time it’s teeming with people. At home I give out about crowds in Cronins, up here I give out about crowds in the street – not to mind the pubs! I’m small so I’m at an added disadvantage. When I go into a pub I have stick the head down and bull through (it’s the only way).

I’ve had the misfortune of making it blatantly obvious to everyone I’m from the sticks. First day on the city bus I got on from the wrong side of the road – cringe. I hopped off and got on the right bus then, but being nervous I asked the bus driver where to get off to be near Stephens Green. He called me out over the intercom. Talk about cringe level 100. I’ve never heard them using the intercom but of course culchie head here has it used for her.

Did I mention I’m from the sticks? Before moving up here I was in Dublin three times. All three times with my school for academic things. (So I have an excuse)

On the topic of the sticks, I don’t know maybe it’s just me but none of the bus drivers understand me. I think I may talk too fast or something because every time I get on and say my stop I just get a blank look.


Here are my tips for fellow clueless people visiting the city. Get the Dublin Bus App. I was relying on the stickers on the bus stops for the first week until I realized they are not reliable. So, what you do is download dublin bus app and use the stops near me function or type in your stop number and check ‘Real time info’. When your on the bus and if you’re unsure of your stop you can go into ‘search by route’ type in your bus number and it will show you all of the stops that bus does. And if all else fails – ask the bus driver.

Dublin bus app is available for download for apple and android phones.

Dublin Bus App
Dublin Bus App

I’ll be keeping you all updated with what I’m doing in Dublin, what’s going on around the place and also nice places to eat and drink.




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