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T.V Shows Worth The Watch

I am quite the fan of T.V shows. I got bored of the soaps and Irish T.V two years ago; so I delved into the world of online streaming and TV shows. And thank god I did!

I would seriously recommend paying the tenner for Netflix or scabbing off a family member or friend because they got some gold there. Or use alternative methods to watch TV shows…. if you have any questions on what I use contact me on my Instagram (link is at the side somewhere!)

Here is a list of my 4 favourite TV shows starting with my absolute fave.

1. Game Of Thrones (obviously)

I cannot express in words how much I love this TV show. Although I didn’t start with the TV show. I went old school first and read the book series up to date. If – like me – you are a fan of the books typically more than any production you will be pleasantly surprised here. There are some deviations from the authors story-line but it’s fairly similar.

This show literally blew my mind. The cast is unreal. The direwolves are beautiful. The story-line is not one bit predictable, which is the major seller for me. I’m so sick of shows being so obvious from the start – boy meets girl, tension, and all of a sudden they’re in love! Piss off.

This show has it all; sex, violence, sexy actors, tension, war, blood, direwolves (husky relatives), and a whole six seasons to watch. I’m always so jealous of people starting it for the first time because I wish I could re-watch it all without knowing what was going to happen. If you are contemplating this one – don’t, just watch it!

Available on sky atlantic, or alternative streaming sites… wink.

Game Of Thrones

2. Shamless U.S

Now, I was skeptical about this one. Everyone said the U.K one was better (it’s definitely not) but I gave this a go. This show will make you cry from laughter and from sadness. The story is about a dysfunctional family at the center of which lay (passed out) an alcoholic father and all the kids are running around trying to survive in life and grow with this man constantly holding them back.

They are so used to his behaviour they take no notice. The story develops constantly. There is always something going on. There are five kids/teenagers growing up so there’s a lot of hormones flying and the drama that ensues from said hormones is gas.

The show has sex, dysfunctional relationships, drugs, alcohol, violence, laughs (many, many laughs)

I don’t usually cry at shows/movies (except Simba) but this one got me in the feels a few times – which is great because you feel so emotionally involved in the characters lives.

Also seven seasons to watch. Bliss!

Shameless US

3. The 100

You have to power through the first three episodes because they are cringe as fuck – but once you get past them things get interesting. This show is basically about the end of the world. So the world is destroyed in radiation. There are people living in space but they are running out of resources for people to survive off. They decide to send 100 people to the ground (criminals) to see is it survivable.

But the 100 are not the only people on the ground – tribes of people have been striving and surviving on the ground for 100 years and they are not impressed with these lot after landing from the sky.

There is a lot of positive things to be said for this, it’s not very predictable, bit of sex, treachery, violence, love, war,  tribes, ‘blood must have blood’*, cool tech stuff and explosions. I’m actually watching this at the moment – I really like it.

The negative thing I will say is that the first three episodes almost deterred me. They were just embarrassing and cringe. BUT, things spiked on the cool scale after that so I forgive the writers and producers. Get through those three and you’ve got yourself a decent TV show.

The 100

* If you make it to blood must have blood – you’re welcome!

4. Breaking Bad

This show features HAL, remember? From Malcolm and the Middle? Good times! In this show he (Walt) plays a nerdy chemistry teacher until one faithful day where everything goes wrong. He finds out he has cancer, next to no money for treatment and a baby on the way. So he sets out to provide for his family, even if his means are not ethical (clue – he starts cooking meth).  The show has a lot going for it. It features a stoner type reject (Jesse) who is a bit simple but very funny in his simplicity!

It can be a bit slow at times so you do need to stick with it. You will learn a lot about crystal meth – terms wise anyway!

So here we have, drugs, violence, banter.

Basically the story spins around Walt and Jesse as they get immersed in a world they are not prepared for. This is a good one if you’re into crime shows and stupidity!

Walt and Jesse

So there it is! My favourite shows and why. If you think I’m crazy at my choices or have any suggestions on what to watch leave a comment below.



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