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Kylie LipKit Dupe

Hey gals,

So I picked up one of the much anticipated Penney’s kiss-proof lipkit last week. There were claims that it is a bargain dupe for Kylie Jenner’s Lip-kits.

So, I tried it out. And I can confirm Penney’s have slayed again. For €4 the lip-kits are an absolute steal compared to Kylie’s kits which retail at around €25 which doesn’t include shipping.

The durability is unreal. The texture is very matte. I put it on in the morning and I didn’t need to touch it until after 5pm. And that’s with copious amounts of coffee and loads of food. So, yeah – bargain!

I experimented a bit with the lip kits and while I really liked the shade, I wanted to see could I achieve a darker look (I love dark lips) So, I put Penney’s brown lipstick on (price: €1.50) and put the lip-gloss over it. I got a really nice warm dark pink tone.

I’m a huge fan of Penney’s in clothes, accessories, shoes and now make-up too. They are coming out with banger-after-banger of products and are so on trend.

In comparison with Kylie’s kits, I don’t think there is a comparison. I reckon the high price is just premium pricing and you’re basically paying extra money for the packaging and because it’s a Kardashian product. Not worth it in my opinion. If you’re paying €25 plus for a lip kit you want unreal quality and I just honestly don’t think they’re worth their price.

Penneys is the way to go!




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