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Only on Dublin Bus…

There I sat, on the 16 on my way home form work. I was eavesdropping (although it wasn’t really eavesdropping because she was shouting) on a woman from North Dublin. She was talking the ear off the passenger beside her.

I was facing forward so I never got a look at her, or him. But, it was probably better that way.

She divulged a lot of personal information to this man who was wholly uninterested. His responses to her ranged from, “Oh yeah, hmm to, oh right.”

This woman was the recipient of numerous phone calls practically one after another. On one call she proclaimed she was, “on the bus on the way to the gaff with a bunch of muck savages, they’re no crack.”

She spoke loudly at length on the phone about people ringing and threatening her and how she hadn’t been home in over a week. She claimed she’d kill anyone who went near her.

She got off the phone and cheerfully asked the man where he was from – Waterford, in case you were wondering.

She told him that people were looking for her because her son owed money for drugs. She said she’d paid his last debt, “I might as well be buying his drugs for him!” she joked. The man responded, “And you’re ok with that? Your son taking drugs?” “No, of course I’m not. Especially with the weed on the street these days. It’s driving the young ones quare.” She retorted.

She informed him that one of her sons is in college, one ‘went down the wrong path’ and the other dropped out of school age 16.

Throughout the whole interaction there had been smiles from other passengers. But then a girl in front of me cocked her nose and swivelled her head sniffing. I followed suit when I got the smell. I was confused.

I heard the two behind talking. The man, who had been quietly polite up until this point changed his manner.

“Oh, do you not like smoking? Do ya not smoke?”

“No. I don’t.”

“Do ya want me to put it out?”

“Yes. I do.”

“Alright, alright. Ok. Look, it’s out. It’s out.”

I sat in shock for a minute. She had sparked a cigarette in a public bus. Bearing in mind smoking inside has been banned since 2004.

When I was getting off the bus a man came up to the bus driver, “There’s a woman upstairs smoking and drinking at the back of the bus.” he said. The bus driver nodded but did not do anything.

She broke 2 laws in the space of 5 minutes and as far as I’m aware nothing happened. Men from Dublin bus got onto the 83 the other week while I was on my way to work, checking tickets. If you don’t have the correct ticket/haven’t paid you could face a €500 fine and/or 3 months imprisonment.

I’m just so annoyed. It’s another case of one law for you, another for me. I can’t park outside of my house for free. If one day I don’t pay I can be clamped and be forced to pay an €80 fine. But this woman openly smoked on the bus without, as far as i’m aware, any repercussions. Someone on that bus could have had asthma, cystic fibrosis, cancer – anything! It was a display of a blatant disregard for other people’s health.

Only on Dublin Bus…



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