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Hey gals,

So, I was browsing the internet, as you do, and came across this new device for joggers/walkers/students/oversea travellers/thrill seekers.

Now before I say anymore this is not an ad, this is me telling you about a product I found that I think is going to be massive in the next year. And also a hint at someone to buy it for me… just saying.

RunAngel: What is it?

It’s kind of like a bracelet, except it not a bracelet and it’s a safety device. It emits a really high frequency if you press the button and alerts your ‘guardians’ of your location, the time of activation and the date. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable you can really quickly let people know.

Tell Me More… 

RunAngel was set up by a Cork couple who realised the dangers posed to women out alone.

It offers safety for the active, the student, the traveller, the commuter and the injured.

How Much?

The device retails at €99 and can be bought from the website and it comes with free shipping within the EU.

Bit Expensive Hun, Why Should I Buy?

Ok, so €99 does sound a bit steep. But let’s get real here…

I can’t be the only person who has the listen to the relentless questions when I’m going anywhere after dark. If I go for a jog my mother screeches after me asking where I’m going, when I’ll be back, why did I leave it so late?

If I go out in town, I get similar questions hurled at me: Where are you going? Who with? When will you be back? Then… Mind yourself!

Basically the minute I leave the house the worry sets in for loved ones.

I’ve even found myself adopting this behaviour when friends would be going on nights out with new people or going on Tinder dates (we’ve nearly all done it – don’t lie) and there’s so much worry! What if their phone dies and they’re in trouble or, what if they have no credit/wifi to contact me, the list goes on.

If you think about it, we have reflector jackets to warn people of our presence on dark roads/ areas but we don’t have something to alert people of our own danger down dark roads/areas.

Right. What’s the Story with this ‘RunAngel’ thing?

The RunAngel is a black device that straps around your hand (it looks a bit like a fitbit) and it’s rechargeable. You download the RunAngel app from the app store or google play store. This allows you to allocate your ‘guardians’ – the people who are notified if you’re in danger. It’s sweat resistant but not fully-water resistant (don’t wear it in the shower peeps.)

Is it Age Specific?

It’s mainly for people over 13.  I just think it’s an unreal idea in general and is the future of safety. And look I know it’s a bit pricey but it’s an investment in yourself and your safety.


Stay active, stay safe.

You can find out more here.



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