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Searching for a decent book?

Calling fellow bookworms/book nerds/ legends!

I got asked to write about my favourite books. And, if i’m to be completely honest in the past year or so I haven’t been stuck in the books as much;  things have been hectic. Plus I haven’t had many good recommendations.

But, I stumbled* across Prosperity Drive a few months back (we had to read it for college) but yeah, love, love, adore it.

Prosperity Drive

Prosperity book is a collection of interlinked short stories based in Dublin. It’s perfect if, like me, you find it hard to stick to a book due to a busy schedule. You can pick this book up and come back to it a few weeks later and it’s all G’.

The stories are about Ireland, Irishness and are honestly so, what’s the word…compelling, enrapturing. When I was reading the book I could literally visualise the people, hear the sounds of the street and was transported (metaphorically) to the world of Prosperity Drive. There are times you feel like a bit of a voyeur it’s that well written.

Morrissey has been referred to as the modern day James Joyce, so you know she’s going to be good.

I’m a bit of a book snob so I promise I wouldn’t recommend something that isn’t well written (ahem 50 shades…) give this book a read and let me know what you thought of it!




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